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Apex shaped canopy kits

 Apex shaped door canopy kits can be made to your individual requirements, from.  Supplied as a framework only kit or with an optional "finishing kit". For you to then tile, slate or finish as needed. See below for examples of the many I've designed, built and supplied. Apex panelled canopy with central patrice
Bespoke apex canopy, Lower Heath, Nr Prees, Whitchurch, Shropshire.
Apex canopy, Westbourne Green, London. Hutton Cranswick, East riding of Yorkshire.
One of my Bespoke door canopy kits installed, Whitkirk, Leeds. A large rustic timber apex shaped door canopy kit.
For sale on ebay, click on photo. A pair of post feet and fixings
Apex canopy fitted & finished ready for use! Port Talbot, Wales.
Large decorative apex canopy, Iver, Buckinghamshire.
Comprehensive Apex shape door canopy kit, as supplied
Just an idea.....
Bespoke door canopy. Fitted and finished! Knottingley, West Yorkshire. Apex canopy kit, ready for courier delivery to Salisbury, Wiltshire. Apex door canopy, Howsham, Lincolnshire. Bespoke large Apex truss canopy framework. Crossgates, Leeds.
Apex shaped canopy to garden shed before painting. Timber canopy, Colton, Leeds. Apex canopy kit.
Bespoke apex door canopy, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
Slate covered apex canopy Crouch Croft, Eltham, London
Decorative apex plain tiled canopy Halifax, West Yorkshire. Apex canopy kit.
Apex canopy, Otley, West Yorkshire.
Apex door canopy, Austhorpe, Leeds. Apex door canopy, Garforth, nr Leeds, West Yorkshire.
A run of three Apex door canopies Crossgates, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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