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My name is Peter McDonnell, welcome to my website.




I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have over 20 years experience in designing and building traditional wooden Georgian door surrounds, wooden door canopies and gallows brackets. I offer a personal bespoke service, supplying to the DIY person or self builder who wishes to replicate an existing door surround or needs a "non standard door canopy design". All my handmade to measure kits are built using softwood, they are all straightforward to assemble, fit and then finish.


I also have a selection of ready-made door canopy kits for sale on  ebay  (see the link lower down this page). These cost a lot less than my made-to-measure door canopy kits. They are all in stock, ready for immediate collection or local delivery. 


Your door canopy or door surround is one of the first things visitors see, part of that important first impression and I believe they should compliment the look of your home. Too many houses are let down in this area I think, by having the wrong canopy design fitted, making it look out of place or by simply having no door canopy or door surround at all.



Take a look at my "previous builds galleries" for the many examples of the wooden Georgian door surrounds, door canopy kits and gallows brackets I've supplied around the UK, with one in France and another in Germany. I even have one covering a dog flap in Wales !!






All the door canopies, door surrounds and gallows brackets shown on my website are designed, made and supplied by me. 



If you have any questions about the work I do, let me know, thanks.






A large decorative Georgian door surround designed and made by me, then fitted by the customer.



My aim is to give a bespoke personal service, from first enquiry through to order completion and delivery. Help and advice is always available, even after you have fitted & finished your door canopy kit. I specialize in quoting to build to your individual design, replicate an existing door canopy, door surround or gallows bracket supports.


Please note:  None of my door canopy kits are made from hardwood, moulded fibreglass, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or plastic components(PVC). They are all made from softwood and do take more time to design, build and deliver. Please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices, as plastic canopies will always cost less and be quicker to make and have fitted. Importantly I think, all my timber door canopies are handmade, individual to you and not mass produced by machines.


A recent comprehensive, replica timber framework kit, as supplied. It is shown fitted and finished in the previous builts gallery

The simple order process

Once you have placed an order and paid your deposit, I'll then work on and provide you with the design drawing. When all the details have been confirmed then comes the construction phase. The photos below show the simple process, with the last photograph showing a typical door canopy kit finished and ready for dispatch. If you wish, you can arrange a courier yourself, collect from me in Leeds or let me arrange delivery for you, at cost. For smaller, one piece door canopies or gallows brackets, I can send via Parcelforce 48 in the UK.

Typical build/lead times from order can be around 6 to 8 weeks, but will also depend on the work I have on at the time of order. I will always endeavour to finish your order as soon as possible, please read my "business information page" for further details, before you order. All my wooden door canopy kits, Georgian door surround kits and gallows brackets are handmade, using sound, traditional construction methods.




Galvanized steel post shoes can be used on support posts to prevent rising damp, from direct post to ground contact

Ready made kits 


I also have a selection of standard size, ready-made wooden door canopy kits for sale. They cost a lot less than made to measure door canopy kits and are a straightforward DIY project to assemble, fit and finish.


They are all in stock, ready for immediate collection. A few can be delivered across the UK

via Parcelforce 48.


 Click on the ebay link below, then browse all the kits from there.

Please feel free to ask any questions....

Restoration & Repair service

I may be able to help with your timber door canopy or Georgian door surround repair & restoration project. If you are local to me, send me full details and a few photos. Below are some examples of the projects I've undertaken, with a

selection of  before and after photographs. After a site survey, I will always confirm the details of any work required in a free, no obligation written quote.


Any questions, just ask.




My latest restoration project- in need of TLC!
Repaired, repainted and finished! Heworth, York.
Very rotten canopy front.
Repaired, repainted, restored! Bramhope, near Leeds.
A door surround in need of some TLC. Monk Fryston
TLC applied!
Very rotten wooden mouldings and framework
Repaired, renovated, finished!
Large apex before restoration
Repaired, repainted, finished! Clifford nr Leeds.
Georgian surround renovation, customer to then arrange painting.
Rotten pillar foot and timber mouldings
New pillar face and decorative timber mouldings
Flaking paint and a rotten timber canopy top, existing lead sheet covering is sound and can be reused
Rotten canopy top timber removed, loose paintwork removed to check on condition of timber underneath
New canopy top timber fitted
Original lead sheet refitted and sealed into a brickwork joint, ready for painting
lead sheet re-fixed clout nails, ready for customer to arrange painting, Kirby Hill, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire..
Double gallows bracket brace replacement needed, undercoat & gloss needed.
New, shaped gallows bracket braces fitted, Barwick in Elmet, near Leeds.
Gallows bracket brace replacement needed.
New brace fitted, ready for painting. Renovation finished! Barwick-in-Elmet.
Door surround before renovation, a little worse for wear....
Restoration finished! Adel near Leeds.
Before repair and restoration work
Restored, repainted, finished! Chapel Allerton, Leeds.
A little worse for wear.
Repaired, repainted, finished! Crossgates, Leeds.
A new foot for each pillar!
Repaired by me, then repainted by the customer..... finished! Scarcroft near Leeds.
New gallows bracket required.
Replaced, ready to paint. Halton, Leeds.
Before work started
Very rotten!
Pillar foot replaced
Surround repaired and repainted. Yeadon near Leeds.
Some rot and loose brickwork
After repairs, ready for customer to repaint. Adel, leeds.

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